The Untouchable Mild Ones

The Untouchable Mild Ones is a series short choreographies which are several places, where a few strangers travel a fog they do not understand. Uneven in their contours, almost invisible, yet utterly precise and unusually clear-minded, they dance so diffused and so unstable that they themselves seem to be a fog, for us impossible to grasp, but easy to be embraced by. Totally low key, through and through mild. In every tone they touch, in every molecule of each move. As if they were evidence of what mildness can achieve. And provide for. In the middle of one soundimage what slightest sight makes you fall into tears.

This dance imagines a thread thin haze, volatile, and wide open. You look over the edge. Turn your head. Someone will sit against the wall, in favor of sideways elasticity. Others will land from outer space. The title? The Untouchable Mild Ones, or else She who thinks she is a planet and other stories, but only in certain moments. Then again, with bodies, no matter alone or together, one cortege will differ from the next. Here in the haze that limitation works as an excellent opportunity.

Into the haze
Into the haze is an installation that fills the space with hundreds of thread thin traces running from wall to wall, several times around, until they’ve spun a curvature, which, like the warp drive bows time around a spaceship, makes the surrounding space to bow inwards into itself and towards you.

The Untouchable Mild Ones into a haze of thin threads
The Untouchable Mild Ones, themselves a foggy tune, dance themselves into the haze of thin threads that the installation Into the haze bows the space by. Dancing becomes even more ungraspable, even harder to see, yet the more touching and precise, still utterly mild and single-mindedly uncertain. Steadily. In every move of her precious dance, a dance that is somewhat ceremonial, not the least pretentious, clearly dysfunctional, unclear to what purpose, but with the remarkable capacity to perform the hyper-real and by that to make the entire room relate to the unconscious, and its unlimited production of desire. So that, whoever walks into the haze knows that this is a kind of obfuscation no one can resist being moved by.

Photo pavleheidler