Sunday run_up

The initiative derives from the wish to support and provide space for innovative artistic practices and social processes. Counter to current cultural politics and normative exchange economies, Sunday run_up emphasizes the urgent need for artists (and audiences) to operate in a non-market driven situation, without being conditioned by institutions, critics and other self-appointed authorities. Hence, it provides a performative context that allows all participants, audiences included, to expose, perceive and respond to proposed art events, whilst collectively shaping the context in itself. Final intention is to sustain art practice exchange, whilst challenging normative forms and formats of both making and sharing of art, ultimately to advocate heterogeneity of different singularities as the means for the emancipation of a different common.  

SUNDAY RUN_UP welcomes artists from the fields of choreography, performance, music, literature, visual arts and theory, to perform a series of collective events.  

Initiators and Caretakers 
Ulrika Berg 
Philip Berlin 
Cristina Caprioli

SUNDAY RUN_UP participants 2014-2017

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