walk spin strut limp bend stretch kneel chop blur press loose thrust lead stalk push hold pull hide carry and run

Two dancers perform a series of complex and speedy movement sequences whilst traveling forward on a narrow path, from one end to the other, where they make a narrow U-turn and continue in the opposite direction. Meanwhile, the path shifts 400 degrees around the space, progressively and clockwise. With the path, each movement shifts its path and choreography bows its trajectory. Turn after twist, one arc after the next, dancing circumnavigates its circuit. In a hyperbolic race – by a series of turns with no return.

Omkretz is a work on the forward path of walking by racing a vortex of micro-shifts where each direction is always several, and every single path the entanglement of a million traces. Hence, a race that is physically challenging and at the same time an e-motional adventure.

Ultimately, Omkretz is a project in the spirit of minimalism, here proposed as entropy of ordered hyperboles. The project departs from Steve Reich’s octet Eight Lines, which provides the structure of the piece, later replaced by a nest of acoustic and electronic glitches.

Omkretz DSC_4681

Early sketches were drawn in the productions Houses (2003), very very (2005) and cut-outs & trees (2010). Omkretz picks up these sketches, only to immediately thrust a different path and target its very edge.

Choreography Cristina Caprioli
Dancers Philip Berlin, Ulrika Berg (2014 2015), Madeleine Lindh (2016)
Soundscore & live music Yoann Durant
Photography & film Teitur Ardal

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