Rent a space

In the central part of Stockholm, at Körsbärsvägen 9, the two sister-organizations ccap and have their hub: a beautiful project space housing two dance studios, dressing rooms with showers, a kitchen, a big foyer and an office.

ccap and provides the space and its resources for groups and individuals, and welcomes individuals as well as organizations to inhabit our space with their practices. The space is technically equipped with Wi-Fi and full PA sound system. The large dance studio provides heated, sprung floors, Harlequin dance carpet, and big windows that give beautiful light throughout the day. The small studio provides soft floor, Harlequin dance carpet, with no windows and with the possibility to be totally darkened. The whole space is accessible for people with movement disability and can be accessed with wheelchairs.

Total space 360 square meters
Large studio 17 x 9 m x 3-4,2 m
Small studio 6 x 6 x 3 m

More information about the space’s practical conditions.

Throughout the year, ccap and offers rentals to institutions, companies and other groups for rehearsals, meetings, conferences, workshops, classes, seminars etc. The space is not available for parties, however, and is not intended to be used as a traditional stage for public performances.

Further, ccap and offers residencies to dancers, choreographers, performance artists, writers and others who lack adequate funding of their work and who need a place where their work can be entangled as much as it can be unfolded, and where a focus is put on the process rather than on the product. also provide space for external projects and public events that are of particular relevance to artistic and political discourses, or share our commitment of a different exchange economy. We are interested in and open for different forms of close or mutual collaboration, experiments or interventions, in particular with initiatives that provoke critical thinking, interactivity and alternative forms of knowledge production.

For more information email for inquiries about booking and price.