(im)perfect choreographies

(im)perfect choreographies is a performance of difference by disorder

tvodd wall foto Emelie Johansson

The work indulges the deviant uneven whilst dancing a polyglot conversation with absolute pitch in a pack. 
Sudden outbursts and extended pauses is what carries this dance, where each unspoken move is free to dwell its meaning.  
And so it goes. Narrative sweeps forth by inertia, whilst a ragbag threads tell one another with the most caring sentiment.  
No obstacle to overcome, but the bumpy road listening walks to reach the eye. 
This choreography is a crowd of singular bodies tuning each other in, concurrently approaching your hand. 
Where they seem to say: take me, I am yours, then let go of me and remember my wallowing edge onto yours. 

The performance occurs in several places, real ones and make-believe 
In immersive silence or swaging a rock ballad 
Smooth moves that with splendid rigor and subtle wit 
In the span of an hour fable the most 

Welcome to an absolutely perfect (im)perfect choreography! 

Coordinator of difference Cristina Caprioli
Performers Anja Arnquist, Philip Berlin, Carin Elander, pavleheidler, Madeleine Lindh, David Pervaz 
Film Cristina Caprioli  
Edit Madeleine Lindh 
Music Yoann Durant 

A c.off 2016 2017 production in the context of the project KROPPSFUNKTION with funds from Arvsfonden.
In coproduction with ccap and Vida.

1.2 press färg cc videostill