Notes on a Pebble

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In this interactive installation the film Yellow Labor is repeatedly screened upon a sidewall. Squatting underneath the film, visitors re-write the novel upon a multitude of yellow pebbles scattered on the floor. This activity is endured until the entire text has been displaced, one word at the time. One pebble after the next, they trace a bright yellow road that is a book. Easy to overview, but hard to decipher. The installation paves a road and through that stages the time consuming, winded labor of writing, as it moves from one place to a multitude of smaller places, whereby sense splits into bits. Or rather, rewrites itself. By and with Cristina Caprioli and audiences.

Choreography, text & performance Cristina Caprioli and audiences 

Premiere May 2016 Stazione Leopolda Fabbrica Europa festival Florence Italy  

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