Here, here performance

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Clear minded and fearless, they stumble effortlessly from one place to the next, leap the distance and fold into the next. Two figures and ten places, unreliably irregular, split-listeners, vigilantly distracted and somewhat naïve moving into a close encounter.  The performance is careful, and impulsive, quiet and untied, goes from immersive reverb to sudden peaks of intensity, from inexplicable recklessness to dreamy melancholy, whilst tracing the sweet-rough igniting swag sentiment of an old Texan waltz.

Choreography Anja Arnquist, Cristina Caprioli, Madeleine Lindh
Performers Anja Arnquist, Madeleine Lindh
Film and photography Cristina Caprioli
Film and sound edit Madeleine Lindh

Here here rider

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