Rent a space

Office spaces:

2 small rooms (c. 10 m²) with windows facing the avenue. Shared kitchen, meeting room and Wi-Fi included. The rent is 2 000 SEK/month.

1 large room without windows (c. 20 m²) for 1 or 2 people. Shared kitchen, meeting room and Wi-Fi included. The rent is 3 000 SEK/month.

Larger spaces:

The hall (650 m²), can be rented for large-scale rehearsals, film recordings, workshops, seminars, courses, etc. The hall is equipped with a dance mat, which can be removed during longer rentals.

Large studio (240 m²) with pillars can be rented for rehearsals, workshops, seminars, courses, gatherings etc. The studio is not equipped with a dance mat but it can be added for longer rentals.

It is possible to rent the hall and the large studio per hour, day, week or month.

The space is accessible for for people with movement disablities and can be accessed with wheelchair. There are larger bathrooms and a lift. Unfortunately, no ear loop is installed or aids for vision variations.

For more information about rentals and booking please contact: Please include as much as you can of the following information: desired date(s) and time(s), contact information including name, address and phone, company information with corporate identity number and a brief description of project or activity.

Price range
Institutions and commercial organizations: 1 000 – 500 SEK/hour
Semi-institutions, organizations or others with a stable budget: 500 – 300 SEK/hour
Non-institutional workshops, classes etc. with participation fee: 400 – 250 SEK/hour
Non-profit organizations or individuals for rehearsals: 300 – 200 SEK/hour