One dancers travels at high speed, moving along a narrow path, whilst the path rotates 400 degrees, all the way around the space, gradually and clockwise. With the path, also the thrust of the dance is displaced, and every move deviates from its trajectory. Both dancing and space bend their curves. Choreography intertwines its patterns, and thrust over bow, finally circumscribes a circuit of its own. Where dancing spins into vortex of centrifugal force with centripetal drive. Running inside its own circumference and by that also transcending its own closed circuit.

Omkretz2 displaces its own moves in all directions. Parallel to a grid of acoustic and electronic sound glitches.

In a room that inscribes a circle which circuit is expanding inward.

Omkretz2 is a revised version of the choreography Omkretz from 2014, which complexity and speed are twisted and intensified. Between 2014 and 2016, Omkretz was performed at Tanz im August Berlin, The Design Hall Stockholm, MoMA PS1 New York, Annenberg Center Philadelphia,

Fabbrica Europa Florence, Regionteatern Växjö and Riksteatern Hallunda.