cloth live installation

cloth is an under cover choreography and an interactive installation.

Two performers are dancing under a huge cloth. The cloth hides their features, and resists every move, whilst draping itself into an ocean of ripples which uncover new narratives, at once terrifying and beautiful.

Audiences are welcomed to dance under the cover, with the guidance of the performers. And by that to perform an experience they themselves cannot see. For the benefit of those who remain outside.

The installation refers to the Baroque aesthetics of chiaroscuro via Maurizio Cattelan’s installation ”All” (2007). It is performed in museums, art galleries and other public spaces – as a durational event (lasting up to 3 hours per day).

cloth was premiered at Moderna Museet in Stockholm April 2011 as part of the festival:display.

Since then it has been repeatedly performed in Stockholm, Katrineholm, Umeå and Copenhagen.

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cloth performed at the festival CLOSE ENCOUNTERS by Dansehallerne at Den Frie Udstillingsbygning in Copenhagen, February 2018: