ASKA is diffused sight flickering the tiniest moves. A rattling still-life if you wish, or a silent soundimage, who thinks she is an airborne stain whilst the sky lowers its guard. Paradox between evidence and fragility, ASH travels in place as if she never was. Silently dancing for those who fancy delusion and do not fear unaffected small print.

ASKA is performed in different versions with various titles: flat haze, pending sky, One side only, ASKA, diffused ashes and ASHES TO SOUND.

In 2019 ASKA was previewed October 23, 24, 25 as part of PENDING PARALLAX, premiered November 1, and was further performed November 2, 15, 16, 29, 30. ASKA was also performed within DiM_ October 20, 27 and for special schools and selected groups November 12, 13, 26, 27, and in the shape of a concert November 17 and December 1. All events are performed in the HALL in Farsta.

ASKA is a ccap production funded by Region Stockholm, Swedish Arts Council and the City Council of Stockholm.


Photo by pavleheidler

pending sky & flat haze
by Cristina Caprioli

one side only
by Cristina Caprioli
by and with Louise Dahl & Hana Erdman
A special thank you to Alessandro Cortini & GoneWest

ASKA & diffused ashes
by Cristina Caprioli
by and with Louise Perming & Oskar Landström
careful observer pavleheidler
music Pan Sonic & Yoann Durant
ljus Thomas Zamolo

Concert with Asher Tuil, Yoann Durant & Ilpo Väisänen