WEAVING POLITICS was an international interdisciplinary symposium on Choreography, Human Rights and Violence which took place in Stockholm, December 12-14 2012. The symposium was initiated and curated by Professor and ccap director Cristina Caprioli as pivotal event of her art-based research project at DOCH; mediality reciprocity gesture – Choreography as the Weaving Labor of Politics.

Core subject of the symposium was the notion and practice of Choreography as Politics. Here addressed in terms of language and ethics, by a survey of speaking versus writing, of what is human and what is right, from topical local and global perspectives, in reference to different social, cultural and historical contexts and in light of the reality of today.


Lectures and talks at ccap Vimeo:

Mark Franco – Dance and Articulation pt. 1 and pt. 2

Gabriele Brandstetter – Fabric of movement – Writing, interweaving, dislocating

Mark Franko & Gabriele Branstetter – Discussion led by respondent Lena Hammergren

Rudi Laermans – ‘Being in common’: collaboration’s politics of the possible

Marcia Sa Cavalcante Schuback – Dance, a word

Peggy Phelan – The Choreography of Samuel Beckett: The Violence of Gesture, The Endurance of Logos

Julia Kristeva – Going beyond the Human and Dance

Felicia McCarren – French Moves: the cultural politics of ‘le hip hop’

Susanne Franco – Dancing for the Future of a Postcolony – Staging a Nation at the Bomas of Kenya

Mattias Gardell – Beyond victim and terrorism, an analysis of the search for humanity as a political subject

Irit Rogoff – A Pantheon of Disenchantment

Kendall Thomas – Taking (A)part: Human Rights Culture and the Political Aesthetics of ‘Human Writes’

William Forsythe, Kendall Thomas, Mark Franko and Daniel Birnbaum. Round table discussion of the Forsythe Company’s Human Writes. Moderator Ingrid Elam.

Boyan Manchev – The New Arachne: Biopolitics and Techniques of Life

André Lepecki – From (choreo)policed circulation to (choreo)political intensification: dance as critique of freedom (or: the task of the dancer)

Irina Sandomirskaja – The New Leviathan: Malignant Governmentality and the Biopolitics of Besiegement (Re Reading Lidia Ginzburg)

Diamanda Galás

Cristina Caprioli closing speech