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Ten undetermined figures in bare stocking, cables hanging outside. Homemade cyborgs or simply unadjusted, they enter a space and look at sadness. Uncomfortable and disoriented, they sing in a choir and mix with the audience. Then they spread their limbs astray and with double faces and digital voices tell some strange stories, of themselves, each other and some unknown else. Audience listen at close range, whilst the oddest dance twirls stumbles hacks packs ferments and wonders. Awkward sensitive, behind layers of transparent surfaces, under skin-rubber piles, accessible and definitely not normal. The performance gets lost for a while to soon leave with the beauty of a sad pop song. The work assumes the face as a fictional surface with eyes and voice speaking from a distance. Whilst dwelling into sadness by the softest touch.

Choreography Cristina Caprioli and performers
Performers Sunna Ardal Rosengren, Anja Arnquist, Louise Dahl, Marcus Doverud, Yoann Durant, Pavle Heidler, Emelie Johansson, Madeleine Lindh, Mira Mutka, Louise Perming

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