Older films

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in-(site)sight (2005)

Chorepgraphy and co-editing: Cristina Caprioli
Dancer: Thomas Caley
Photography: Johan Nordström
Editing and animation: Henrik Svensson
Sound design: Jonas Heijkenskjöld


2soon (2005)

Choreography: Cristina Caprioli
Dancers: Kristine Slettevold and Cilla Olsen
Music: Pixel
Photography: Johan Nordström
Editing and animation: Henrik Svensson


I Ti. (2002)

By Cristina Caprioli, as a part of the performance “Ti.”


BODY, interrupted (2001)

Choreography and dance: Cristina Caprioli
Video and digital programming: Mateusz Herczka
Music: Arne Mellnäs ”Fragile”


Vit Lycka (1998)

Choreography: Cristina Caprioli
Dancer: Maria Öhman
Music: Sten Sandell
Photography: Jan Rydqvist