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An indefinite number of uncertain figures re-describe foreign moves with meticulous care. But get caught in the unspoken and end up drawing no-one’s uncertainty. Still, where no body is embodied and no clear meaning is exposed, other figures and narratives come to display, whereby ambiguity unfolds itself and is recognized.

att att is a ragbag of gestures that belong to nobody, a rap-speedy hyper-clear plethora of non-owned moves. Performed by a pack of spineless anthropomorphic speech-machines with inexplicable bad posture, silently chatting with unspeakable precision, at a fenced place, close-up, several miles afar.

att att emerges from the transposition of set movement sequences upon a number of performers devoted to absolute accuracy of description whilst resisting interpretation and otherwise seizing strategies – and whilst dancing with unconditional loyalty to the given, they engraft themselves into other places. We see a choreography that is a multiplicity of specific narratives, perceived and exposed yet never seized. For us neither to understand, nor ever to possess, but rather to recognize and respond to – and immediately let go of.

Choreography Cristina Caprioli
Pre-study 2012 Love Källman, Madeleine Lindh
Performers 2013 Sophie Augot, Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Emelie Johansson, Love Källman
Performers 2014 Sophie Augot, Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, pavleheidler, Emelie Johansson, Sebastian Lingserius, Pontus Petterson
Performers 2015 Ulrika Berg, Philip Berlin, Pavle Heidler, Emelie Johansson, Sebastian Lingserius, Louise Perming, Pontus Petterson
Described material July material by Cristina Caprioli
Film/lights Cristina Caprioli 
Film editing Madeleine Lindh

(1) The title att att is a (partial) plagiarism of Att att dröngrajma, which is the title of a (political) essay in the format of a poetic mono_dialogue by writer Johan Jönson. Att att dröngrajma, what poor translation to English is To to dron(e)rhyme is the place of departure from which Cristina Caprioli, ccap and Johan Jönson have outlined the multiple traces of att att, The Piece, 60Pieces, trans_speeches and still ongoing choreo_ trajectories. 

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