A Line_up

A Line_up is a musical that looks nothing like a musical and yet is a promise of re-creation. Catchy tunes and heart-breaking stories carefully imagined by a pack wicked voices with no fear to lean and fall. Groove out of step, this is high-pitched entertainment, one of a kind choreography dancing for the most.

Frame of work
Entertainment is the business of showbiz, and the tricky delight of this choreography, or rather, the undercover pleasure this line up set off to unpack. Swag and scrutiny at once, this is a feast of concerns dancing on the verge of the horizon. The stage turns into a choreography of in-betweens. “A tune, a twist, a hand, a familiar face, a disengaged trait, a weary draft, a flair of the uncanny, the smell of a batch and the sudden heat of the unexpected expected.” A devotion to difference, if you wish, that cultivates another kind of re-creation. So, does this choreography qualify as entertainment? Let’s say, like A Chorus Line?

In cohort with a crowd of wise performers, we commit to the question and fake a musical. Of course, the project is doomed to fail. Yet plenty of thrills emerge in the process, and a multitude of voices get to work. Pretending a musical has provided proliferation. And allowed for a wicked chorus to be heard.

This line up is a dissonant choir, made and undone by a craving for disorder. Figures in a bunch singing and dancing in and out of tune. Claiming your attention, providing you with attention. Each and every one one choreography amongst several, each and every one one and the same common.

A Line_up departs from the Broadway musical A Chorus Line only to turn it into something else, and whilst the original leaves the theatre, a multitude of choreographies swag onto the floor and speak their mind.


Conceptual frame, dramatOrgy and movement material Cristina Caprioli
Artistic re-creators and performers Sunna Ardal Rosengren, Anja Arnquist, Dario Barreto Damas, Philip Berlin, Ulrika Berg, Linda Blomqvist, Louise Dahl, Frederic Gies, pavleheidler, Madeleine Lindh, Louise Perming
Text Philip Berlin, Cristina Caprioli, Frederic Gies, pavleheidler, Madeleine Lindh, Louise Perming, (guest) Johan Jönson
The texts have been edited into lyrics by Sunna Ardal Rosengren

Commissioned music Sunna Ardal Rosengren, Yoann Durant
Additional (pre-produced) music Seinabo Sey (Hard time/Pretend), alva noto (Meta Phaser & Sora/Xerrox vol. 2), Roll the Dice (Blood In Blood Out

Space and lights Tobias Hallgren/Lumination of Sweden
Clothing ccap
Graphic design Eleonora Bergendal/La Strada Studio
Photography Håkan Larsson (poster), Alexander Kenney (press photos)
Project coordinator and rehearsals assistant Anna Grip
Administrative coordinator Masha Taavoniku

A special Thank You to Johan Jönson and Ellen Söderhult

Performing schedule 2017

Press photos: http://mediabank.riksteatern.se/blog/tag/a-line-up
: Riksteatern
Contact for full documentation: masha.taavoniku@ccap.se

A Line_up is a co-production between ccap, NorrlandsOperan, Regionteatern Blekinge Kronoberg, Riksteatern and Tanz im August / HAU Hebbel am Ufer, Berlin. ccap is funded by the Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs and the City Council of Stockholm.