Scary solo

This solo is a flip over by negativity for the optimistic restless, for the one who dances wherever she lands, with everything to fear and nothing to lose. Something of a horror story, harmless and rather pathetic. By and with Cristina Caprioli.

So she moves around pondering over a number of options. Should she settle for a pool or travel across the field? wait for a something able to rearrange the plot? Rumble over the edge? Pull out a scream and coerce a displacement? Mrawrrrr… But then she gets stuck in a groove and twists even more. Leaving the uncertain unresolved. After all, what really counts is that she moves, that she actually does move. And the response her imperceptible steps are trusting.

The solo is approximately 40 minutes long, performed in the intimate for an undetermined number of spectators.
Pre-lecture and post-discussion can be arranged if so desired.

Music by Alessandro Cortini & Asher Tuil
Technique by Lumination

Scary solo premiered February 20 and was also performed February 21, 22, 23 at Weld in Stockholm, and March 8 at Skogen in Göteborg. The solo was planned to be performed June 14 as part of International Dance Theater Festival (IDTF) in Tokyo, but is cancelled because of covid-19.

Photo: Franz Kimmel

Scary solo s a ccap production with funding from the Swedish Arts Council, Region Stockholm, The City of Stockholm and Sweden’s National Touring Theatre.