TREES is a make believe digital forest to step into and become one with the trees. The forest moves and allures you into the shadows. You enter the woods and dwell into a thrill. Uncertain figures dances among the trees and link themselves to your shadow, lend you some moves, and set-up the pace. You follow your mood, show them your moves, shadow them while they shadow you. And off you go, stumble and crawl, tiptoe and roll, bundle up in a pile, spread apart, toss your limbs, leap and run, then lie quietly down and rest for a while. Carefully, one move after the next, you dwell into choreography, inside and around yourselves and each other. 

TREES is a crowd in motion paving for receptive participation. A reciprocal event shaped by visitors, dancers, music, shadows and the forest tuning each other in.  Choreography made of perceiving and responding, and a place where dancing is a way of sharing. 

TREES is performed for, with and by smaller groups of visitors with the leading assistance of ccap dancers, and lasts around 40 minutes. No previous dancing experience is required. The event is open to the general public from the age of four with different abilities. TREES is also presented as an installation without dancers. 

TREES is an interactive version of the ccap production ”cut-outs & trees” commissioned by ENPARTS (European Network Performing Arts) premiered at the Venice Biennale June 2010, performed at Dance Umbrella in London, MADE Festival in Umeå and recurrently at Dansens Hus in Stockholm. TREES premiered in December 2011 at Dansens Hus Stockholm and has since been performed nationally and internationally. 

Spring 2019 TREES will be performed at THE HALL in Farsta. In co-production with Dansens Hus, DANSISTAN and Farsta District Administration. THE HALL in Farsta is a new performing space within the DANSISTAN network.

Choreography Cristina Caprioli 
Performers 2011 2012 Anja Arnquist, Linda Blomqvist, Emelie Johansson, Madeleine Lindh, Cecilia Olsen  
Performers 2014 2015 Philip Berlin, Louise Dahl (2015), Marcus Doverud (2015), pavleheidler, Emelie Johansson, Madeleine Lindh, Stina Nyström (2014), Louise Perming, Pontus Petterson
Performers 2018 Anja Arnqvist, Ulrika Berg, Darío Barreto Damas, Louise Dahl, Hana Erdman, Alberto Franceschini, Frederic Gies, Mirko Guido, pavleheidler, Madeleine Lindh, Oliver Mahar, Louise Perming, Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska, Elinor Tollerz Bratteby
Performers 2019 Anja Arnqvist, Philip Berlin, Anton Borgström, Mirko Guido, Oliver Mahar, Ninna Ooms, Louise Perming, Per Sacklén, Elinor Tollerz Bratteby
Space concept & design Cristina Caprioli, Panagiotis Michalatos  
Space construction Panagiotis Michalatos, Björn Eriksson, Tobias Hallgren
Digital imagery & programming Panagiotis Michalatos 
Sound score Opiate and Carsten Nicolai aka alva noto
Photography Håkan Larsson

TREES full documentation

TREES rider

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Children’ s comments – age 4 Kindergarten Valen Stockholm  

It was good; I layed down on the floor when you should lift up your legs. It was branches; we made a train between the branches. Sometimes you had to walk backwards and lift your butt. The music was a bit sad, I think, and it felt good. But the kids were running, and it was difficult to find them.  
I followed a dancer it was fun to do. I was a bit shy too, I didn’t know them.  

It was fun. It was like I felt lost in a forest in a strange country. I heard sneaking sounds. I saw small, small bugs then, small monsters. Here I drew when I danced like following the dancers.  
I stretch them out and wave with them I hold onto them then. 

Fun, I just run around it was dark. I heard music they had there, that music. I got really scared at first. I did that I helled onto them trees carefully. Looked for everyone, for what they were doing. One helled onto me, and I rolled slowly then. Then I rolled on the floor with them. Then I got dizzy then I walked again. All them stripes there, was trees.  

I thought it was fun that we, I mean all we did. I did some movements and things that the other ones were doing. I clapped with my hands I drew. I laied down a little also as some of the dancers were doing. Music I heard, like sneaking things. Sometimes loud, sometimes quiet.  

It was fun. I run there in the picture in between the branches. I followed Bianca she followed Sam.  
I did kind of the same things the dancers were doing. It was so much fun. Sound and music was what I heard. 

Fun, that they let you do movements. Because them others there who were dancing showed how to do movements. Here I am, arms out in the air and legs straight down. Melody I heard, loud sound it was, but it was not scary. I followed my mates how they did and the dancers too.