team organisations is a non-profit independent site for development and exchange of interdisciplinary choreographies. provides residencies and the practical conditions for organizations and individuals to reprocess, articulate and alter their artistic practices within a discursive environment. initiates and manages comprehensive artistic projects which critically address social and political discourses, such as current projects KROPPSFUNKTION and (im)perfect choreographies. was founded in 2004 by Cristina Caprioli, between 2013 and 2015 directed by Hanna Wildow, since March 2016 directed by Izabella Borzecka. is funded by Allmänna Arvsfonden, Swedish National Council for Cultural Affairs, Kulturbryggan, City Council of Stockholm, VINNOVA – Sweden’s Innovation Agency, Culture Foundation of the Swedish Postcode Lottery and County Council of Stockholm.


KROPPSFUNKTION is an artistic research project that explores and challenges normative notions of body, ability, and language within the field of choreography. The project uses crip theory as a framework, and suggests that so-called intellectual, communicative and cognitive disabilities are sets of specific, but often unarticulated and unattended, abilities. The project turns to the border-crossing methodology of choreography, as to embody a norm disruptive action whereby (dis)abilities are recognized as constitutive of civil society, and empowered. The project is run by artistic collaborators from the daily activity center VIDA Omsorg, the secondary special schools Kung Saga and Lindeparken, the artistic company Shake it Collaborations, and the non-profit organizations ccap and