The HALL is a 650 square meters large new hall for choreography in Farsta, a suburb south of Stockholm.

The HALL promotes art that operates out of step with current commercial structures.

The HALL is a ccap project supported by the Swedish Arts Council, Stockholm Region and the City Council of Stockholm.

The HALL collaborates with several local and national institutions, and with a large number of independent artist and artist driven organizations.

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Mårbackagatan 11
123 43 Farsta


Working in The HALL runs on a daily basis with rehearsals, laboratories and other artistic processes. In The HALL, ccap performs the installation TREES for and with children from pre and special education schools. Inside the TREES, ccap runs the projects, MR_Moving Reciprocity for and with young and adults with dis/abilities, DiM_Dance into Many for and with asylum seeking families and Summer Activities for teenagers from the neighborhood. The HALL also hosts plenty of guests in residencies, laboratories, performances and other public events such as My Wild Flag fetsival, yet not seen at sight, DANSISTAN, Dansmässan, MDT and Sound of Stockholm. The HALL 2019 peaks with the festivals DANCE.HALL and PASS.HALL and finishes off the season with the CCAP project ASH. All activities and events are free of charge.



DANS.HALL celebrates the groove that brings us together. Battles, workshops, installations, concerts, clubbing and a load of choreographies overlap one another during four packed days, august 22 through 25.

DANS.HALL is a ccap2019 production funded by The Swedish Council of the Arts, the Stockholm Region, the City Council of Stockholm and the District of Farsta, in collaboration with the Youth House Tuben, DANSISTAN, Konstverket, Weld and SITE. The festival is performed in partnership with Afra, Sunna Ardal, Philip Berlin, Caroline Byström, Robin Dingemans, Sybrig Dokter, Yoann Durant, Bigga Charisma, Binta Blackout, Yeya Ekström, Lisen Ellard, Linda Enough, Marie Fahlin, Papis Faye, Fiedel, Johanna Fröjd, Frédéric Gies, Elias Girod, Afra Hosseini, Iréne Hultman, Fanni Ijäs, Steve Jones, Claudia K, Disa Krosness, Mattias Lech, Sara Lindström, Maria Naidu, Maryam Nikandish, Stina Nyberg, Tilman O’Donnell, Anna Pehrsson, Louise Perming, Katy Pyle, Emma Rozgoni, Rut Roos, Per Sacklén, Ana Strandberg, Andrea Svensson, Shen Tuggz, Emma Tolander, Anna Westberg, Jonatan Winbo, Thomas Zamolo, Lydia Östberg Diakité, and many more.


PASS.HALL (Performing Arts South of Stockholm) invites four choreography projects to dwell into the Hall and over time reshape the horizon. Scotch tape, silk ribbons, black ropes and fine print smokescreens lingering across the floors, the walls and through all bodies. All the way to the non-recognizable.

PASS.HALL runs from September 26 until October 26, alternating workshops, performances, installations and clubbing, October 23 – 25, in partnership with the MDT post-dance conference 2019. Invited projects are: Fluid Grounds by and with Benoît Lachambre, Anna Persson, Rachel Tess, Patricia Vazquez Iruretagoyena and Andrew Turner, Seven Extravaganza by Frédéric Gies with guests Anna Koch, Hokuto Kodama, Anne Juren, Benoît Lachambre, Andrea Svensson, Elizabeth Ward, Communal Rope & THISENTANGLEMENT by and with Anna af Sillén de Mesquita and Leandro Zappala and pending sky & scattered ash by Cristina Caprioli with Louise Perming, Oskar Landström, Thomas Zamolo etc., special thanks to Alessandro Cortini and GoneWest.

PASS.HALL is a ccap2019 production funded by The Swedish Council of the Arts, the Stockholm Region and the City Council of Stockholm. Fluid Grounds is a Par B.L.eux production by Benoît Lachambre and Sophie Corriveau, in coproduction with Agora de la Danse, Charleroi Danse Centre chorégraphique de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles och Festival TransAmériques Partners. With the support of the Conseil des Arts du Canada, Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Québec and Conseil des Arts de Montréal.


ASH is diffused sight pacing the tiniest shift. A vibrating still life, or a soundimage who thinks she is an airborne stain whilst the sky lowers its guard. ASH speaks to those who fancy an illusion and do not fear unaffected fine print travelling. ASH overlaps clubbing, concerts and choreography, and is performed in different versions with various titles: pending view, and there she stands, one side only, ash and scattered ash.

ASH runs from November 1 until December 1, November 21 – 23, in partnership with Sound of Stockholm Contemporary Music Festival. Excerpts of ASH are performed October 23 – 26 as part of PASS.HALL, October 27 as part of DiM_Dance into Many and December 1 as part of DIMM_ dancing in magnificent measure. November 4 – 9, ASH is guesting the Ricerca X festival in Turin, Italy. ASH is a CCAP2019 production funded by The Swedish Council of the Arts and the City Council of Stockholm. Choreography Cristina Caprioli, performers Louise Perming, Oskar Landström, pre-recorded music Pan Sonic and Asher Tuil, sound score Yoann Durant, lighting design Thomas Zamolo, technique Johannes Fäst. Special thanks to Alessandro Cortini and GoneWest.