THE HALL is a 650 square meters gym in Farsta, a suburb south of Stockholm, which ccap has transformed into a new public space for contemporary art and choreography.

THE HALL sustains the work of ccap and of a number of artistic collaborators and guests.

THE HALL advocates borderline choreography as constitutive to a fair society.

THE HALL provides access to the experience of art to a diversity of audiences and social fields.

THE HALL is a project of equality. All activities are free of charge.

THE HALL is a pilot project planned to run for three years, in collaboration with several co-producing partners.

THE HALL is initiated with funding from Stockholm Region, Swedish Arts Council and the The City Council of Stockholm.


THE HALL opened in March with the ccap installation TREES, which run for a two months period of interactions with local pre and special schools. Inside the TREES, ccap also performed the projects MR_Moving Reciprocity, for and with young students with dis-abilities, and DiM_Dance into Many for and with refugee families.

In June, ccap runs a Summer Activities Course for young people resident in the area. In August, the hall hosts a festival and guest performances for local young audiences, and in October the Dance Fair 2019 for local general public. In December the hall presents guest performances for local children, to finally return to TREES, MR_Moving Reciprocity and DiM_Dance into Many whereby ccap continues engage children and adults from Farsta and surroundings.


DANCEHALL and PASSHALL are two festivals presenting a variety of performances, concerts, workshops and other sharing activities.

DANCEHALL happens during four intensive days (and nights) August 22 – 25
DANCEHALL celebrates youth culture whilst dancing on the forefront
DANCEHALL is dancing the entrancing groove that provides for borderless communalities

PASSHALL runs for an entire month September 26 – October 26
PASSHALL transfers the foreign into the familiar
PASSHALL confirms the insisting move that turns a borderline into a shared common

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Mårbackagatan 11
123 43 Farsta