DiM_Dance into Many

DiM_Dance into Many invites groups of elderly, asylum seekers and people with various dis/abilities to join the ccap crew in the shaping of a creative collaboration. All participants are engaged in artistic activities such as workshops, creative processes and collective public events, all of which mobilize the bodies and stimulate the senses.

The work is grounded upon the conviction that art, not the least dancing, brings people together. Moreover, that every person, no matter condition, should be granted the possibility to manifest her voice in artistic terms, and by that also be allowed to partake in the process of expressing our common culture. The project specially targets people who by own account would not find their way to the art labor of ccap, or people that might never have been part of an artistic context, yet wish to, but dare not, take the first step. The project is run in collaboration with local organizations which provide care for the elderly, the immigrants and the (dis)abled and other socially engaged municipal and civil organizations and associations.

Fall 2018 and spring 2019, ccap collaborates with participants from Stadsmissionen’s Senior Center. In 2018, 7 workshops and 4 public collective events were conducted. A number of workshops will also be held spring 2019 in collaboration with Midsommarg√•rden.