cloth exhibition

cloth.0 is an installation and exhibition that reevaluates the format, place and circumstance for the becoming and exposure of choreography as well as photography. 

cloth.0 brings to display the conceptual frame processed by the cloth project. Advocating for choreography as the covering, rather than the disclosing of form/meaning, thus as a way to “uncover” by concealment – in both a literal and a metaphoric sense. cloth.0 refers to the Baroque aesthetics and the concept of the fold as formulated by philosopher Gilles Deleuze. cloth.0 addresses a number of core questions regarding power and abuse, whilst recognizing the non-disclosing covering as a feasible political strategy. The intention is to allow art practice to sustain a discussion on the recondite in different social, cultural and political terms.

cloth.0 is conceived by Cristina Caprioli in collaboration with photographer Håkan Larsson, and was presented by ccap in 2015 at Design Hall in Stockholm. The exhibition is site specific, and unfolds in relation to the room(s) it inhabits. cloth.0 was produced 2014 in a different format with support from Scenkonst Sörmland and Katrineholms Konsthall. Fall 2017 the installation was presented with the title Under Cover at Millesgården.

The conceptual frame of cloth.0 is a series of photographs taken during the live installation cloth, with the squatting crawling female figure as central theme. 

Female figure
200 transparent copies of one and the same image hang across the space on a 20 meters long line-up. A black and white photo shot with slow exposure underneath the cloth, depicting a female figure creeping away from the viewer’s gaze.

A film of cloth live is projected onto a line up of several screens on the floor, leaning onto a sidewall. The sound-score of the film provides the soundscape of the entire exhibition/space.  

A series of 30 photographs shot with slow exposure underneath the cloth during the live installation, are assembled in a slideshow, what delay between images suggests a slow-motion film. The slideshow resembles a landscape of remarkable beauty and is several times displayed upon the sidewalls and ceiling of the space.

Objects, publication, cloth live and/or cloth interactive
A skin pile, a pile of soaps, a ragbag of rugs and a folded publication (text & images) are placed in the center of attention and distributed for free – whilst the live performance cloth is occasionally performed, turning the floor into an ocean of dark folds, or the uncontainable smear of an oil spillage.

cloth.0 also provides the environment for the ccap performance Sadness Extended, which deviates, yet once again confirms the conceptual frame and trans-material fabric of cloth.0.

cloth.0 rider

Under Cover at Millesgården fall 2017 (photos by: Masha Taavoniku)