Sunna Ardal Rosengren is a singer, writer, composer, performer and visual artist based in Stockholm. She created the pop duo SUN together with Yoann Durant (soul, rap and electronic). SUN performed at the Venice Biennale, Banlieues Bleues Festival in Paris, ccap studio and Svarta Huset in Stockholm, P.A.R.T.S in Brussels, Backhouse Gallery in LA. She was invited by Anne Imhof as a guest teacher at the School of Fine Arts in Munich. She curated the Music Week during Summer University at PAF (Performing Arts Forum). Sunna directs and performs in her own music videos, as well as performing in other artist’s videos (Elliphant, Oxmo Puccino). She performed and sang in “Sadness Extended” choreographed by Cristina Caprioli/ccap.

Anja Arnquist has collaborated with Cristina Caprioli/ccap since 2009 in a number of productions. Since 2013 she is involved in the trans-medial project Here, here and here here and here, here here here and here, here., a duet for several and a writing project for which she has become a writer. Anja is educated at Balettakademien and DOCH, Stockholm. During the last years she has mainly worked with choreographer Björn Säfsten and Cristina Caprioli. Together with Björn Säfsten she has also choreographed and produced the performance Masterminds, which toured with Skånes Dansteater, Cullbergbaletten and Norrlandsoperan. Anja is producer and curator for artists and institutions such as NorrlandsOperan, Bill365 and Product.  

Anton Borgström is educated at Midgårds Dansgymnasium in Umeå and Åsa folkhögskola’s 1-year street dance education, and has since 2011 worked as a freelance dancer. Since 2013 he has repeatedly worked with the choreographer and director Fredrik “Benke” Rydman in a number of different contexts; in Macbeth at Kulturhuset Stadsteatern, Eurovision Song Contest at Malmö Arena, Danskampen at Gröna Lund and STOP.PLAY.REWIND and Nötknäpparen at Dansens Hus. Anton has participated in the performances TUGG and Ett slags mellan by choreographer Viktor Fröjd, Hold by choreographer Erik Linghede, and on tour with Dansnät Sverige. In 2016, he was part of the performance Come back to see us by choreographer Ina Christel Johannessen, and he also worked with her company Zero Visibility Corp in Norway, as well as with the choreographer Malin Elgan. In 2019 Anton is participating in the interactive installation TREES by ccap.

Darío Barreto Damas is a dancer and interpreter. He started dancing naked in front of the mirror at the age of 3. During his education and the development of his own work he’s been moving around from Tenerife to Barcelona and Stockholm. Darío joined the ccap production A Line_up in 2017, working for the first time with Cristina Caprioli. He has studied at Institut del Teatre and DOCH and has worked for and with the Cullberg Ballet.

Ulrika Berg is working within the field of dance and choreography with Stockholm as her base. Among others, she has worked with Deborah Hay, Rasmus Ölme & Svärmen, Anna Koch, Sebastian Lingserius, Rebecka Stillman, Janne-Camilla Lyster, Ludvig Daae, and with the Cullberg Ballet in the works of Ezster Salamon (Reproduction 2015) and Deborah Hay (Figure a Sea). Ulrika has been a guest performer with the Forsythe Company (Human Writes) and with Trisha Brown Dance Company (Early Works). Together with Philip Berlin and Cristina Caprioli she initiated the project SUNDAY RUN_UP; an initiative with the aim to provide room for artistic practices and social processes. She has been collaborating with Cristina Caprioli/ccap since 2013. Since 2015 she is also a Senior Lecturer in Dance at DOCH/ Stockholm University of the Arts.

Philip Berlin is based in Stockholm and has since 2010 been working with dance and choreography. Recent collaborations involves Gisèle Vienne, Frédéric Gies and Louise Dahl. In 2015 Philip And Louise performed their work “Loss of disinhibition” at Moderna Museet in Stockholm as part of the project 89+ co-curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Simon Castets. Together with Ulrika Berg and Cristina Caprioli, Philip initiated the project SUNDAY RUN_UP. He has worked with CCN Ballet de Lorraine in France, where he performed in works by Merce Cunningham, Mathilde Monnier, Maria La Ribot and William Forsythe. Philip has also taught at DOCH and the Royal Swedish Ballet School, and is since 2013 collaborating with Cristina Caprioli/ccap. 

Louise Dahl is working within the field of dance and choreography. She is active as a performer in various productions and tours internationally. Louise has worked with choreographers such as Mårten Spångberg, Cristina Caprioli/ccap, Margrét Sara Guðjónsdóttir, Mette Ingvartsen and Mirko Guido. She completed her studies at DOCH in the context of the BA program Contemporary Dance and Performance.

Yoann Durant is a composer and improviser with a Master’s degree from the jazz and improvised music class of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique et de Danse de Paris. He also studied contemporary music and Northern Indian music. Yoann plays saxophones _soprano & alto_, custom-built washing-machine tube and garden hose, acoustic and electrified. He practices a double reading of sound in his compositions and has developed a singular language based on a certain scarcity of the air circulation through the instruments and throughout the space. Captured by wide-opened static microphones, breath and sound take on multiple textures ranging from the precision of minimal electronic to the power of concrete harsh noise. He has toured in Australia, USA, Canada, Panama, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, The Netherlands, Italy and Spain. Since 2014 collaborating with Cristina Caprioli/ccap. 

Ella Effendy is a freelancer working with dance, performance and choreography. She is currently researching what she calls: ”the physical qualities that are unknown to schooled human bodies”. Ellas backround is in a long line of training with various street styles. She studied street dance in one of Europe’s most appreciated street schools, Åsa folkhögskola in Sweden and recently she acquired a diploma in contemporary dance and performance from North Karelia college in Finland. She makes it a practice to actively expand her perspective by taking part in creative processes all over the world. Her network reaches from the nordics to Germany, USA, Southeast Asia and further. She has performed and her choreographic work has been shown in contemporary art and dance festivals like Paikallisliike, ANTI-festival and Oderton festival. She is also a co-founder of Auttamo HKI, a space for arts and activity located in Helsinki. During spring 2019 Ella is doing an internship at ccap.

Frédéric Gies is an artist in the experimental dance field, and a senior lecturer in choreography at Stockholm University of the Arts. Frédéric has danced in pieces by other choreographers such as Jefta van Dinther, Antonja Livingstone, Petra Sabisch and Isabelle Schad. Frédéric’s piece Dance (Praticable), which premiered in Berlin in 2006, toured for ten years and was presented in fifteen countries. Since 2012, he is head of the Master Programme in Choreography at DOCH–UNIARTS. His latest works are tightly connected to techno music and to his club and rave experiences. For all of them, he collaborates with Fiedel, DJ resident in Berghain as well as with the visual artist Anton Stoianov. They are conceived as durational social gatherings with dance and techno music at their center, in which the audience is implicated in various ways.

Mirko Guido

Oskar Landström graduated from the Royal Swedish Ballet school in Stockholm at the contemporary line 2009. After that has he been working as a freelancer and at Cullbergballet/Riksteatern, Unga Danskompaniet and Skånes Dansteater. He has worked with choreographers such as Gisèle Vienne, Björn Säfsten, Sebastian Matthias, Malin Elgán, Mia Habib, Ingri Fiksdal, Gunilla Heilborn, Anne Imhof and Martin Forsberg at the institutions and as a freelancer. In 2019 Oskar joins ccap to work on a project with Cristina Caprioli and Louise Perming.

Madeleine Lindh is educated at The Royal Swedish Ballet School. She started working with the youth company Europa Danse, where she performed in pieces by Mats Ek and Hans van Manen. Between 2005-2007 she worked with William Forsythe, Wayne McGregor, Agelin Preljocaj and Frédèric Flamand in the D.A.N.C.E program (Dance Apprentice Network aCross Europe). Madeleine has worked with Cristina Caprioli/ccap since 2009/2010. She also works with film editing, dance films, and film documentations. Toghether with Cristina Caprioli she made the film cloth in 2012. In 2013 Anja Arnquist, Cristina Caprioli and Madeleine Lindh started the choreo_writing project Here, here and here here and here, here here here and here, here. So far, the project has produced three publications, three installations, a performance, a lecture performance, a performative reading and a laboratory. Madeleine also collaborates with dancer and choreographer Linda Blomqvist, and has a long term collaboration with Anja Arnquist.

Oliver Mahar is educated at the Central School of Ballet (2006–2008), Nothern School of Dance (2008-2010) and at the London Contemporary Dance School (2010-2011) in the tour company EDge, under the leadership of Jeanne Yasko, where he received his post-graduate degree. After graduation he has worked with dance companies such as the Young Fuse Dance Ensemble, Prague Chamber Ballet, Rozbark Dance and Movement Theater  and the dance ensemble at Regional theater West. He has also participated in various festivals and worked with projects such as Israel Aloni and Lee Brummers iLDance and Resolution at the Place in London, where he choreographed and performed a duet together with Gosia Mielech. Oliver has toured nationally and internationally with a variety of works by choreographers such as Uri Ivgi & Johan Greben, Jermey James, Eva Recacha, Jorge Crecis, Ben Duke, Martin Forsberg, Charlotta Öfverholm, Kasper Ravnhøj, Örjan Andersson, Björn Säfsten, Camilla Ekelöf, Israel Aloni & Lee Brummer, Lidia Wos, Mario Radacovsky, Hana Turečková, Ji-Eun Lee and Petr Zuska.

Panagiotis Michalatos is an architect registered in Greece and UK. He holds an MSc in applied IT from Chalmers Technical University in Sweden. He has worked as a computational design researcher for the London based structural engineering firm AKT. While in AKT along with colleague Sawako Kaijima they provided consultancy and developed computational solutions for a range of high profile projects by architecture practices such as ZHA, Thomas Heatherwick, Fosters and partners, Future systems and others. Their work, in the development of computational design as a quasi-discipline in-between disciplines has been published and presented in international conferences. Panagioti’ s work in interaction design and digital media has resulted in a since 2003 collaboration with ccap in a number of productions, not least the performance “cut-outs and trees” that was a commission by ENPARTS and premiered at the Venice Dance Biennale 2010. Currently assistant professor at the Cambridge University Graduate School of Design where he runs the program Quantitative Aesthetics what Spring Course 2014 has been outlined by Cristina Caprioli’ s CHOREO_DRIFT project.  

Ninna Oom worked as a dancer with the The Royal Swedish Ballet and Cullberg for ten years. As a dancer with The Royal Swedish Ballet she was also one of the members of the company Stockholm 59° North, and it was there she worked with Cristina Caprioli for the first time. During the last years, Ninna has studied social anthropology and worked within the field of development work. At the moment she is undertaking studied in social work while at the same time organizing projects with her organization Dancers Without Borders. In 2019 Ninna joined the TREES team at ccap.

pavleheidler graduated from Performing Arts Research and Training Studios in 2012 and took their MFA degree in Choreography-specialisation-Performance from Dans och Cirkushögskolan in 2015. Alongside ccap, in recent years they’ve been nourishing collaborative relationships with Silvia Marchig (KIK Melone), Sonja Pregrad and Marko Gutić Mižimakov; with the WELD Company; with Ilse Ghekiere; with Manon Santkin; with Mira Mutka; and TOGETHER ALONE. TOGETHER ALONE stands for the volatile and developing agreement that defines the relationship between pavleheidler, Ilse Ghekiere, Mira Mutka, Samuel Draper, Manon Santkin, Eleanor Campbell, Matilda Lidberg, Roos van Berkel; and others. In February 2016 pavleheidler have been awarded Fellowship at SITE Sweden. For more information, writing and teaching, please visit the following virtual locations. / / / /

Louise Perming was educated at Balettakademin in Stockholm and has been working as a freelance dancer since then. In 2010 she joined the season based company NUDANS at GöteborgsOperan. After graduating she started working with a project within the Cullberg Ballet in the performance Masterminds by Björn Säfsten and Anja Arnqvist. Her major freelance work has been in Sweden with choreographers such as Charlotta Öfverholm in Compagnie Jus de la vie, Tromäki Dance company in a collaboration with dancer and choreographer Shumpei Nemoto. During the last year she has also worked in Ireland (Dublin) together with Maria Nilsson Waller. Apart from dancing she teaches and enjoys rock climbing. 

Pontus Petterson is dancer and choreographer. He received his dance training at The Danish National School for Contemporary Dance and holds a master in choreography from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm.  His choreographic work ranges from fortune telling to choreographies/dances on the main stage, from a necklace to sweet whispers in you ear. It is a love for dancing with a particular interest in objects that bridge to a choreography that is as much daring, useless, beautiful and something else.  As a dancer Pontus Pettersson has worked for choreographers like Deborah Hay, Danish collective EKKO, Emma Nordanfors, Mårten Spångberg, Ohad Naharin and Stina Nyberg. att att was the first ccap production for Pontus. 

Per Sacklén has worked professionally as a dancer since 1984. He lives and works in Stockholm as a dancer, choreographer and occasional teacher. The fundament of his training is classical ballet which has led him to join repertoire companies in Stockholm, Pittsburgh and Toronto. In the mid 90’s his focus started to shift towards more contemporary dancing and he has since then also worked as a freelancer with choreographers Per Jonsson, Örjan Andersson, Cristina Caprioli among others. Around that time Per also started choreographing. 1997 he co-founded the dance collective Räserbyrån. Being a member at Fylkingen, where most of Räserbyråns work has been shown, a lot of his work revolves around improvisation in connection to improvised music. In 2019 Per joined the ccap team to perform in TREES.

Agnieszka Sjökvist Dlugoszewska was educated in National Ballet School in Bytom and participated as a dancer at Swiss International Coaching Project for Choreographers under artistic direction of Rui Horta, Richard Wherlock, Jorma Outinen, Ismael Ivo, Jochen Heckmann, Nils Christe. She danced with Polish Dance Theatre Ballet Poznan, Tanztheater Osnabruck and Ballet Theatre Augsburg before joining Cullberg Ballet in 2007. Agnieszka danced in works by Jefta van Dinther, Deborah Hay, Eszter Salamosrrsn, Stina Nyberg, Cristina Caprioli, Daniel Sjökvist, Cristian Duarte, Crystal Pite, Johan Inger, Helena Franzen, Ina Christel Johannessen, Benoit Lachambre, William Forsythe, Dan Johansson, Birgit Cullberg, Mats Ek, Ewa Wycichowska, Örjan Andersson, Jens Östberg, Tilman O’Donnell, Jochen Heckmann, Alexander Ekman, Gregor Zöllig. In 2018 she’s one of the performers in ccap’s TREES. The collaboration continues in 2019, with the ccap project DiM_Dance into Many.

Elinor Tollertz Bratteby is a freelance dancer/performer based in Stockholm. Since 2012 she has worked with dance and performing arts, mainly within the contemporary dance field. Among other things, she has collaborated, in Sweden and New York/Brooklyn, with Dorte Olesen, Marina Abramovic, Lynsey Peisinger, Byström/Källblad, Ellen Söderhult, Sanna Söderholm, Aurelia le Huche, Lotta Gahrton, Lane Gifford, Maija Garcia and Éva Mag . Elinor is educated at the Balettakademien in Stockholm and Steps on Broadway in New York, and has also studied independent courses in choreography at DOCH. In 2018 and 2019 Elinor is participating in the interactive installation TREES.


Anna Grip has worked with Cristina Caprioli since 1982, first as a dancer and later on as a collaborator. She has worked as rehearsal director and teacher at several dance companies and institutions of dance education. Between 1991-1995 she was ballet master and artistic director of Östgötabaletten, Sweden. In 1997 Anna, together with Cristina Caprioli and Dansens Hus, initiated and directed a pilot project of alternative dance education. 2000-2004 she was head of The Danish National School for Contemporary Dance. Between 2006-2013 she worked with Cullberg Ballet, first as the company manager and later as artistic director. Since fall 2014, Anna is a senior lecturer at the BA program in dance at the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm. 

Emilia Sundberg started working as a production assistant at ccap in March 2019. She’s based mainly at THE HALL South of Sthlm.

Julia Sundberg has worked with Cristina Caprioli since 1985 as a dancer, rehearsal director and collaborator. In the beginning of her dance career Julia freelanced for several years working with some of the leading choreographers in Sweden. She is also a former dancer of the Östgötabaletten, where she performed in works by Birgit Cullberg, Mats Ek, Jirí Kylián among others. Between 2005-2010 she danced in the ccap productions very very, my lipson point(s)only (2006), decover (2008) and cccover (2009) and cut-outs & trees (2010). Julia has assisted Cristina in the productions Cicada for Stockholm 59°North and cicadaremix (2008). Julia is also an appreciated dance teacher. In addition to her work as a dancer, Julia also has a degree in law and has worked at the Swedish tax agency. During 2015-16 she worked as operating developer for dance at Riksteatern with the government’s mission to develop the expanded dance assignment of Riksteatern. Between 2011-2018 Julia worked at the Swedish Arts Council as expert in performing arts with a focus on the dance area. Since December 2018, she works as a production coordinator at ccap.

Masha Taavoniku has worked as a coordinator at ccap since September 2015. She has a bachelor’s degree from Södertörn University with majors in art history and aesthetics. Previously, she worked at Tensta konsthall and several years within the Swedish trade union movement. In 2019 she’s studying at the master programme in aesthetics at Södertörn University, and therefore works part time.


Eleonora Bergendal is a graphic designer regularly working with ccap publications, brochures, folders etc. Eleonora has designed several of the ccap publications such as the Here, here series (yellow novel, photo book and TEXT BOX), cloth.0 and CHOREO_DRIFT.